- June 4th, 2013 -
Work on the Authotiy series (still in its infancy) continues... slowly.

In other news: artwork becomes permanent.

- April 13th, 2013 -
Some goddamn paint on a slab of wood; it means nothing.

updates for the month of september 2012—hopefully projects that will not be left over into late october—are as follows:
working on a quartet if wood panels that will each have a different yet unifying theme, and starkly divergent styles. Below is unfinished panel no. 4. (details here)

a work in progress or an exercise in pointillism (ink on birch; dimensions: 11.5" x 11.5"— 2012)

• September thirtieth, MMXII
I've been working feverishly (no kidding) turning ideas into songs... a new release will see light sometime near the beginning of the end.